ISALT 2020 Conference

April 25, 2020  |  Hosted by International School Bangkok

April 25, 2020

Hosted by International School


Conference Schedule

7:30 AM

Coffee and snacks

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote

9:00 AM

Workshop Session 1

10:15 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM

Workshop Session 2

12:00 NN


12:45 PM

Workshop Session 3

2:10 PM

Workshop Session 4

3:25 PM

Coffee Break

3:45 PM

Jobalikes by Language

5:00 PM



Keynote Speakers

Kirk R. Person.jpg

Kirk R. Person, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Arlington) came to Thailand in 1988 as a volunteer English teacher at Yonok College—and stayed!  He currently works with SIL International, a global development organization focused on minority language issues.  He has conducted linguistic fieldwork in Thailand, Myanmar, and China (PRC), taught graduate linguistics courses at several Thai universities, represented SIL International to the Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group and the Working Group on Education 2030 (both hosted by UNESCO-Bangkok), and served on the Royal Institute of Thailand’s National Language Policy Drafting Committee.  He is an advisor to the Patani Malay-Thai Multilingual Education Programme, which received the 2016 UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize.  Recent projects include collaboration with Save the Children on a Thai-as-a-Second-Language curriculum for migrant children from neighboring countries and a book on multilingual education in Thailand’s conflict-affected southern borderlands published by UNICEF.

Kirk R. Persons, Ph. D


Call for Presenters

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Workshops and Jobalikes

Learning Leader Job-alike

Presenters - Cindy Plantecoste and Andy Davies

Audience: Department Heads, Team Leaders, Learning Leaders

In this job-alike, Cindy and Andy will lead discussions on how learning leaders in international school language departments can best impact language learning, promote instructional best practice, run effective learning-focused meetings, promote language and culture within schools, and explore non-traditional models to offer native language learning for smaller languages.

Title: Successful School Support for the IB Self Taught Student 

Presenter: Maggie Haegen

Audience: IB Language A Self-Taught tutors


How do we best support our students and tutors in the IB SSST Language A course? How do we access resources and make them available to all stakeholders? This session will offer strategies, resources, and provide a venue for conversations about skills-based support for our IB SSST students.

The use of technology in Language classes to generate a climate conducive to the development of student autonomy and reflection on their own learning.
Presenter: Emily Ward
Audience: All Spanish teachers
In this workshop we will look at different ways of the technology effectively to enhance language learning. We will explore different platforms, applications in conjunction with good pedagogy.


Benefits of Translator Visits

Presenter: Avery Udagawa

Audience: All language teachers

Benefits of Translator Visits International schools know the value of author and illustrator visits. How about translator visits? A growing number of children’s and Young Adult book translators are designing school visits to promote multilingual literacy and awaken interest in world literature. How might a translator visit enrich your school’s language and literature departments and your library? This session will include demonstrations of activities possible during a translator visit, some of which give voice to students often silenced in an English-medium school environment. Participants will leave with names of translators offering visits—in-person and virtual—centered on acclaimed books in ISALT languages.

Quick tricks for the technologically impaired

Presenter: Gabriel Henao

Audience: All language teachers

A good old set of flashcards will never be out of fashion, but we all know that ICT use in the classroom is sort of a must. Tired of fighting against children using Google Translate? Dreading to show a video on YouTube as students can read unsavory comments or see conflicting related videos? Join this JAWS-like workshop and learn to harness the potentially safe power of these tools to make your students' learning richer.

Developing International Mindedness in the World Language Curriculum

Presenter: Gaby Geneser

Audience: Intended for Intermediate and advance levels. Open to all languages


In this interactive workshop, we will identify the attributes that make an internationally-minded person and share examples of units and activities designed with this goal in mind. We will work collaboratively to share ideas, resources, and identify units where we can incorporate these attributes.

How to Transition from Language B to Language A

Presenter: Loreto Alonso

Audience: Intended for all language B teachers who are transitioning to language A.


Many language teachers are trained as language B teachers, but nowadays some of us also have to teach Language A as the demand in this level is growing. In this workshop, we will explore ways to prepare teachers to transition from language B to language A.

Improving Oral Skills while Developing the 5 C’s of the World-Readiness Standards

Presenter: Gaby Geneser

Audience: Spanish and Intermediate and Advance levels (Applies also to IB Ab Initio and B SL & HL) 


This workshop is targeted to improve the oral skills of students through authentic pictures with a variety of themes. At the same time, we will develop the five competences (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) of the World-Readiness Standards.

Making Language Learning real, and really matter! - Embedding the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into the curriculum

Presenter: Cindy Plantecoste and Christophe Denizot

Audience: All language teachers, curriculum coordinators

In this session we will seek to build a collective understanding of the Sustainable

Development Goal (SDGs) from the United Nations (UN) and understand how these goals can provide the opportunities for our students to learn about and address real world problems that need attention now -- giving them a chance to take action that will make a real difference! 


In this session, participants will explore how they could embed the SDG’s into their curriculum and their community. We will seek to build a collective understanding of the following: What are the SDGs (sustainable development goals)? Why are the SDGs so important for us to attend to as educators? How can we integrate SDGs into our MACRO curriculum and curriculum units? Participants will be working collaboratively in order to build upon the ideas and questions of others. During this session, we will examen example units, and dig into a range of resources that connect to the UN SDGs, including videos and other online resources. Participants will have time have time to explore resources so they can start applying them to their current and future units.

Title:  Successful design and delivery of Chinese Language and Literature Curriculum

Presenter: Shujuan Cao

Audience: Language and Literature for Chinese Language A teachers


In this session, we will examine how to design advanced courses of Chinese Language and Literature. We will also share resources and strategies to successfully teach these courses and prepare students well.


Research-Based Instructional Strategies

Presenter: Dr. Andrew Davies

Audience: All interested language teachers


In this session, we will review some research-based instructional practices & strategies, mainly based on the research conducted by Marzano and Hattie, that are most applicable to the language classroom.


Funitizing your classes

Presenter: Antonio Luna

Audience: All interested language teachers

In this workshop, we’ll explore which fun activities to include in our language classes and how to do it. We’ll look at them through the affective filter and Vygotsky's educational approach. Participants will be exposed to several activities that can help to set an adequate affective filter keeping in mind developmental linguistic stages. Activities will be a mix between tech and non-tech and all participants will be provided with the resources to bring them to their classes right away.

Strategies to Develop Listening Skills

Presenter: Loreto Alonso

Audience: Spanish and Intermediate and Advance levels (Applies also to IB B SL & HL)

This workshop explores various strategies to teach listening skills effectively. We will also examine ways to design pre-listening, during-listening, and post-listening exercises to develop students' listening skills. 

Stranger Things in the Upside Down Classroom

Presenter: El Chiringuito (Bego Mesa, Paloma Julián, David Pallás, Omar Rachid)

Audience: Spanish teachers

Come to us to the upside down! The place where activities never grow old. Let those retro activities be as trendy again as Winona Ryder. This session will focus on strategies to transform old-fashioned activities into innovative and engaging instructional practices that will boost your students’ oral communication, regardless of their level. During the workshop, presenters will model the process of up-cycling time-worn and popular activities so that participants can experience firsthand the effectiveness of the strategies proposed. Participants will also be encouraged to adapt what they have learned in the session in order to redefine their everyday activities and bring them back to the classroom in an innovative and creative way.

The power of music in the Spanish classroom.

Presenter - Moises Ochoa

Audience: Spanish teachers


We will explore how to use music to leverage listening comprehension skills, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary in context, while infusing culture into the learning experience.


 Job-alike - Engagement Activities in teaching literature in the 21st century - sharing with IB Thai teachers

Presenter: Sucheera Ruangtrakool

Audience: IB Thai Language A teachers


In this job-alike, I will lead discussions on best ways to engage students in 21st century Thai literature and share ideas and resources.


Job-alike - Strategies to improve students' listening and Oral Skills (Authentic listening resources exchange)

Presenter: Jiaping Zhao

Audience: Chinese Language  B or Advance Non Native courses


In this job-alike we will explore and share various authentic listening resources to use them in the most effective way to improve students' listening skills. We will also explore strategies to improve oral skills in everyday authentic communication. 

Title: Effective strategies to teach and improve students' writing 

Presenter: Jean Michel Masson

Audience: French Intermediate and Advance levels (Applies also to IB Ab Initio and B SL & HL) 


In this session, participants will focus on various strategies to effectively teach writing through relevant topics. In addition, we will examine different text-types and conceptual understanding (audience, context, purpose, meaning, and variation). Lastly, we will share various resources.


Title: How to Implement the New IB Korean A Curriculum Effectively

Presenter: Mi Ok Choi

Audience: Korean teachers of Language A


In this workshop, we will examine the components of the new Korean A curriculum and explore various strategies to successfully implement it. In addition, we will share resources and approaches.

Bring Podcasting To Your Class and Your Students

Presenters: Michael Boll and Jaleea Price

Audience: All language teachers

Ever wanted to bring yourself or your classroom into the audio production world? Maybe you know the awesome things your students are doing should be shared more widely with the world. Perhaps you have an inkling to teach your students the power of audio as a vehicle for sharing their thoughts and ideas. Maybe you just like the sound of your own voice. No matter as any excuse is a good one to get into podcasting. Be the end of this presentation you will understand: how to sound good while recording , what content to share , what microphones are available (hint: you have tons in your classroom already), what editing software to use How distribution works, a list of resources to use for future reference. Will you join us?

Title: How to Implement the New IB French A Curriculum Effectively

Presenter: Jérémy Brassard

Audience: French teachers of Language A


In this workshop, we will examine the components of the new French A curriculum and explore various strategies to successfully implement it. In addition, we will share resources and approaches.




Practical Information

The first ISALT Conference will be hosted by International School Bangkok


Nearby hotels include Best Western, Novotel and IBIS. Special rates will be given to conference attendees.


There are numerous downtown hotels in Bangkok.


For directions to ISB please click here.


Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.


At the conclusion of the conference we will provide transportation to Central Chaengwattana.


Please bring picture ID to exchange with security for an ISB Visitor Pass.

Future Conferences

If your school is interested in hosting subsequent ISALT Conferences in 2021, 2022 or 2013, please email ISALT at Support will be provided for conference organization.